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Terms & Conditions

Small Stones Festival of the Arts

Submission Policies

By submitting your artwork to the Small Stones Festival of the Arts (the "Festival"), you:
  1. Affirm that the work is your creation and that you possess the rights to display and publish it.
  2. Agree to allow your work to be represented:
    • In brochures, programs and other publicity materials in print and online relating to the current and future years of the Festival.
    • In the Festival catalog.
    • In press releases and editorial stories about the Festival.
    • In the online Festival gallery, as currently implemented on the website.
    • You also acknowledge and accept that it is the policy of the Festival to allow photography at the festival for personal non-commercial and journalistic purposes only
  3. Agree that, if your work is selected to appear in the Festival, you will deliver it to the specified location during the intake period, and pick it up promptly at the end of the Festival during the time allocated for that purpose. We cannot accommodate shipping in either direction.
  4. Absolve and hold harmless the Festival organizers for any accidental damage, vandalism or theft of your artwork, prints, or other supplied materials during storage, hanging, display or take-down of the exhibit, including any pre-exhibit in which you participate.
  5. For any work for which you specify a selling price, you agree to sell for that price and that the Festival will retain a 25% commission.  You may mark an entry as NFS (not for sale).
  6. Note that there is a limit of 10 submissions per artist, and that a maximum of 3 works will be accepted into the exhibition for a single artist.

Acceptance criteria:

  1. All artwork must be "gallery ready", meaning:
    1. Either framed to professional standards or, if frameless, finished to a degree suitable for gallery display, and
    2. Equipped with a hanging wire (other types of hanging brackets, e.g., sawtooth, are not acceptable).
    3. Glass sandwich frames are not acceptable.
  2. Each item must have an identifying label on the rear stating the name of the artist and the work.
  3. Frame size must be no greater than 26", including frame, on its longer dimension.
  4. Prizewinning entries from previous years' Small Stones Festivals may not be submitted.
  5. Artwork not meeting these criteria, in the sole discretion of the Festival, may be rejected at intake.


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